PROSULTEX, S.L. is a representative agency company of machinery and accessories in Spain. Our office is located in Rubí, around 20 Km from Barcelona city, at Porta Rubí Business Center.

Founded on August 2001, PROSULTEX continues the textile activity that SULZER ESPAÑA. S.A. did previously, keeping a professional team with a long experience serving to the textile industry, especially in Weaving sector.

During 2005 were created two new departments in order to offer his services to the industry in all different applications: cooling systems and logistics.

At the beginning, our office was placed in the centre of Barcelona city, at the emblematic building head office of the Industrial Textile Association of Cotton Process (AITPA), until 1st of September 2008 when the office was moved to the current installations in Rubí.

By September 2013, once the collaboration with Itema Switzerland was over, Prosultex made an agency agreement with Tsudakoma.

On September 2021, a commercial agreement was made with Ferrer-Dalmau, for the Textile and Nonwoven division.

Our objective is to satisfy the needs of our customers and establish a close collaboration in order to improve together every day.